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But there is a dubbelness here which lead to Aristotle talking about forms in a dual manner: Primary form is the essence which is expressed in a definition, it is this essence which is the subject of scientific knowledge; secondary form is an essence which is actualized in a particular thing, a form+matter compound. The former
Mimesis in Aristotle is broad enough to accommodate both kinds of processes. A speculative hypothesis: Mimesis in poetry takes universals and dresses them up with particular names and episodes so as to enable them to play the part that particular people and events normally play in our emotional lives. A writer can make
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The adjectives “all,” “no,” and “some” (which is understood as meaning “at least one”) determine the quantity of the proposition; the quality is determined by whether the verb is in the affirmative or the negative. Rather than going into the details of Aristotle's original texts, suffice it to say that contemporary logicians generally
book, Reason and Human Good in Aristotle (1975, 13-46, esp. 28-30), where he recommends that we dispose entirely with "particulars" and instead go with "determinate kinds or species" when translating the relevant Greek terms into English. (I shall examine his arguments in detail below.) My own account is probably
These differences lie in what 1 shall call Aristotle's practical particularism, a position which consists of the following two theses: (1) Knowledge of action, to a much greater degree than knowledge elsewhere, is knowledge of genuine particulars rather than of universals or types, and (2) Agents cannot know these particulars
13 Among realists, Plato held an exaggerated realism that universals, considered as Forms or Ideas, exist in themselves, prior to and independent of particulars. Those who follow this line of thought might hold that properties can exist independent of particulars. In contrast to Platonic realism, Aristotle favoured a moderate

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